Lanzarote Airport Information and Car Hire

Lanzarote Airport is also known as Arrecife Airport.  If you are planning to depart from this airport, then you can simply check in online, drop your bags, and look for your departure flight.  They make it easier than ever to fly from here. You can even check in using your mobile device if you prefer to do it that way.

If you are arriving, then you will want to make sure that you know a little bit about the airport, and the various transportation options and facilities that you can take advantage of.  This is really important, especially if this is your first time visiting Lanzarote.


This airport is designed to be accessible for handicapped and disabled people, as they have accessible doors, toilets, ramps, and even a lift.  There are also special designated pick up and drop off points that you should be aware of.  This is great news for those that have disabilities.  You can even call ahead and schedule any assistance that you may need.

If you are traveling to and from the airport, you have a lot of different options to consider.  One of the best ways to get around the area is by renting a car.  You can compare cheap car hire Lanzarote Airport rates right here today.


You may also choose to get around via taxi, and you can book your taxi and advance to have them ready and waiting on you.  Some people even turn to the public transportation options in the airport, and this is a viable option for you as well.

The thing to remember about taxis and public transportation is that you sometimes have to wait on them, and with hiring a car you will have a car at your disposal to use when you need it.

The airport offer a variety of other options as well, including shopping centres with gifts, lottery tickets, accessories, cosmetics, flowers and much more.  There are also some restaurants, cafes, and even a VIP lounge.  They want to make sure that your time spent at the Lanzarote Airport is enjoyable and comfortable.